Packing Shop
We will proud to assist you with any packing supplies required to you, kindly call us on 1300 210 166.
Storage Supplies: Bins and Totes
We provide you various tools for effective storage of your belongings. To keep your documents protected we have various furniture storage and we can also offer you Bins and Totes for a safe and secure storage process.
Boxes and Locks
All your goods are safely locked in the boxes that we use in our warehouses before transfer and relocated them to your new place. Boxes are considered as the best and traditional packing material so at the time of choosing removal or storage companies ask them which boxes are best for storage purpose.
Bubble Wrap & Tape
Cushioning is vital when it comes to the safety of your goods or belongings, especially when you are dealing with breakable goods. We have highly dedicated and trained staff of professionals that will let you know about the whole process and the estimated amount.