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Why Choose Us
We at Store My Stuff always strive to offer pioneer services as a result we have equipped with a unique storage process that eliminates all the obstacles and save your precious time. Storage in Melbourne has become easier than ever with qualified storage Melbourne administrations. We are a leading self storage in Melbourne professional trying to keep your belongings secure and safe we follow a stringent and quality based process which is described below:

The Cage
You're welcome to the storage world Melbourne where adequate self storage and space storage services would be provided to every customer. Using this technique we assure you to provide a safe storage Melbourne and robust service that will impact the way we transport and store your belongings. Our cheap storage Melbourne services are renowned throughout the world for its better quality and safety procedures. Cages are made up of steel and allow a safe and convenient storage space Melbourne to your goods. click here, To see different cage sizes.
1. Bringing the cage to you
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We transport an empty cage which will be driven to your home or office to load all your belongings. It is the best way we can assure you to have a safe thing to carry your goods and furniture storage.
How it Works
2. Loading goods on to the cage
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We then load all your goods into the cage with proper safety of your goods. The furniture storage Melbourne is properly managed and protected by a blanket which avoids any physical damage to the goods. After loading all the goods, the cage is then locked with a padlock and we give you the keys.
How it Works
3. Storing the cage Down Arrow
The cage is then moved to the warehouse and shifted to the cage bay which is a very safe storage option for your goods.

The storage units used for your self storage is extremely secured and weather proof so that no goods will be damaged. The warehouse is guarded by our staff during the business hours.
Cage to Warehouse
4. Getting your goods back  
Finally, the goods are returned to you on the mutual date decided in our agreement. The goods are brought to your place in exactly the same manner as it was loaded and stored.

Still not sure or have questions about the processs ?
Click here to send us a query and we will respond within 1 business day. or you can call us on 1300-210-166

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